tennis classes
Tennis club official affiliated to the Roman Tennis Federation
Curs Tenis - Grupe Copii si Adulti
Tennis classes
Give your child the best opportunities from the beginning - start tennis with a professional tennis coach. First session free, for adjustment. Classes of 3-6 kids with ages between 4-7 years, 8-11 years, 12-14 years.
Tennis classes
Would you like to learn how to play tennis together with a family member? Do you have a friend that would like to learn with you? Sign up now and enjoy tennis courses with a professional tennis coach.
Tennis classes
Choose the right hours when you would like to play tennis. Book your tennis classes to best suit your lifestyle. Have a proper start with a professional tennis coach.
cursuri tenis copii

Tennis classes

Organized by INTERNATIONAL professional tennis coaches, daily tennis classes take place at CSA - Tenis (in Drumul Taberei, vis-a-vis de strandul Moghioros, situated in Bucuresti, sector 6).

Divided into 3 categories:
  1. Children classes
    a) ages between 4-7 years
    b) ages between 8-11 years
    c) ages between 12-14 years
  2. Family & friends classes - all ages
  3. Individual classes
Children class starts with a FREE hour in order to establish if the student would like to continue with our classes or not.
  1. professional tennis coaches
  2. friendly environment
  3. flexible program

International licensed tennis coaches

Former or current professional tennis players with ATP Ranking or WTA Ranking

Daniela David
COACH / Specialized in Physical preparation - Tennis and Boxing Athletic.

Possibility of teaching lessons including English, French and Italian speakers.
Boxing and rugby licensed training in 2014. UNEFS Bucharest Master in Physical Training, Anatomy, Physiology, Sports Psychology.

As an athlete - multiple champion in national amateur boxing, world champion in professional boxing, world champion in Athletics, vice-champion in the Universitary Relay, european champion and national rugby in 7.

My personal motto: Nothing without sacrifice! See CV

Baze sportive desfasurare antrenamente

Drumul Taberei 130-132, sector 6, Bucuresti (vis-a-vis de strandul Moghioros)
Phone: 0732.107.006

Tennis court renting price for nonsubscribers
TimetableWinter Season
between 08:00 - 12:0095 lei / h
between 12:00 - 17:0085 lei / h
between 17:00 - 24:00100 lei / h
Sunday and Saturday - Winter Season - 95 lei / session (any hour).
Modalitati de Plata - Rezervare Teren
  1. In contul RO69 INGB 0000 9999 0919 0710, deschis la ING Bank, titular: Asociatia Sportiva CSA, CIF: 40997215, cu cel putin 24 de ore inainte de ziua efectuarii rezervarii. (altfel rezervarea se anuleaza)
  2. Card REVOLUT , la telefon: 0732.107.006 (daca plata APARE IN ASTEPTARE, trebuie sa intrati in ordinul de plata si sa dati distribuirea linkului de plata pe WhatsApp), cu cel putin 24 de ore inainte de ziua efectuarii rezervarii. (altfel rezervarea se anuleaza)

Contact us!

Phone: 0732.107.006

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Vicepresedinte: Barbu Florentina (
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