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Family & Friends
Learn how to play tennis with a friend or a family member!
Tennis club official affiliated to the Roman Tennis Federation

Friends/ Family Classes


You have to pay the cost of the rented court at a low price (subscriber price), depending on the time of the lesson.

A class is made out of 2 or more participants, only adults or adults and children, all ages. A class lasts for an hour under the guidance of a professional tennis coach, A class can have 2 or 3 sessions / week.

We offer for FREE balls and tennis rackets.

The subscription is available for 30 days starting with the first class. In case the student misses a class for different reasons he is entitled to recover it within 30 days, with a mutual agreement on a class/ day and hour.

The subscription price includes a professional tennis coach and tennis court.

Tennis classes for 2 players
Tennis classes for 3 players
Prices for Family & Friends : 2 players (court included)
Prices Spring - Summer (outdoor court)
Timetablefree4 monthly sessions8 monthly sessions12 monthly sessions
until 17:0055 lei / session / person190 lei / person350 lei / person490 lei / person
between 17:00 - 23:0060 lei / session / person210 lei / person400 lei / person580 lei / person
Prices for Family & Friends : 3 players (court included)
Prices Spring - Summer (outdoor court)
Timetablefree4 monthly sessions8 monthly sessions12 monthly sessions
until 17:0045 lei / session / person160 lei / person305 lei / person430 lei / person
between 17:00 - 23:0050 lei / session / person180 lei / person340 lei / person490 lei / person
Prices for Family & Friends : +3 players (court included)
Prices Spring - Summer (outdoor court)
Timetablefree4 monthly sessions8 monthly sessions12 monthly sessions
until 17:0035 lei / session / person125 lei / person230 lei / person330 lei / person
between 17:00 - 23:0040 lei / session / person150 lei / person270 lei / person380 lei / person

Class Schedules

Choose the number of players and the day you would like to participate in our class to see our availability:

International licensed tennis coaches

Former or current professional tennis players with ATP Ranking or WTA Ranking

Ciobanu Catalin Viorel
COACH / Coach School W.T.V Tennis Verband, Germany

International coach fluent in German and English. His highest rank in Singles ATP Ranking was no. 1234.

As a junior he was in top 20 players ETA (European Tennis Association) and by 15 years old he started playing in ATP Futures tournaments. He is a former national champion as a single tennis player in 1994 and also a national champion for doubles in 1998 with BNR team. He played 10 years in german tennis league between 1998-2008.

In 2004 graduates School of coaches W.T.V Tennis Verband, German Tennis Federation. See CV
Andrei Eugen Breniuc
Student at the National School of Coaches - age 21

Student at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport and student at the National School of Coaches.

Andrei Eugen Breniuc practiced the sport at the age of 9.

As a tennis player he was in the top 20 at the age group of 14-16 years and in the top 20 in the 16-18 age group.

Top 30 Seniors
Top 800 ITF
Daniela David
COACH / Specialized in Physical preparation - Tennis and Boxing Athletic.

Possibility of teaching lessons including English, French and Italian speakers.
Boxing and rugby licensed training in 2014. UNEFS Bucharest Master in Physical Training, Anatomy, Physiology, Sports Psychology.

As an athlete - multiple champion in national amateur boxing, world champion in professional boxing, world champion in Athletics, vice-champion in the Universitary Relay, european champion and national rugby in 7.

My personal motto: Nothing without sacrifice! See CV

Baze sportive desfasurare antrenamente

Clubul de tenis ATH (BTT)
Sos. Nordului 7-9 (Academia de Tenis Herastrau, teren 11 si 12), sectorul 1, Bucuresti
Str. Brasov, nr. 21A, sectorul 6, Bucuresti